Grandma Colleen's Funeral

On August 30th Gary's Grandma Colleen passed away. We love her and miss her so much. It was devastating to get the phone call that morning but the hardest part of it all was telling Ashlyn. She loves her Grandma Colleen and loved going to Panguitch to see her, go for rides, and play. When Gary and I told her she just looked up at us and said - Grandma is in Heaven now with Jesus and she isn't sick any more, she doesn't have to use that walking thing or have those oxygen tubes in her nose - when she said that I starting bawling so hard that I had to leave the room for a minute. My Ashlyn is so smart and has such a strong and pure testimony of Eternal Families. She knows that we will get to be with Grandma Colleen again and that Grandma Colleen is whole again and no longer in pain. I am so thankful that Grandma Colleen was able to have a special relationship with Ashlyn and that she was able to be here when Marshall was born. I know that Grandma is still looking out for all of us - just in a different way.
the graveside service

the "Orton" girls
The Grandson's
Harold, David, Gaylene, Grandpa Gary, Holly, Kelly, and Dwaine

Families are Forever

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  1. Ash is so cute! That made me cry! You are such a good mom! Hope I'm half as good as you! Miss ya and love ya! J