Drumroll Please.......

A few of you already know this so I think I might as well make the grand announcement......Gary and I are expecting a baby in July! Ashlyn is so excited to finally become a BIG SISTER and wont stop asking me when its time to have HER baby. She is certain it is a girl - even though we wont be finding out for a long long time! Ashlyn caught me having morning sickness and asked me why I was sick. I told her that sometimes the baby makes mommy's tummy hurt and her response was....BUT MOM! YOUR NOT MAD AT HER ARE YOU???? I will try to keep posting some of the funny things she says! This is going to be a long 8 months with her constantly asking me if it is time to go to the hospital yet so she can play with the baby!

Which Watch Designs

Hey everybody - I want to tell you all about Which Watch Designs! It is an awesome company that sells beaded watch bands...They are all so cute - I have so many:) The best thing is that they are affordable - so go ahead and check out the website - there is a button on my sidebar! You know you want to!!!


Today was Ashlyn's FIRST DAY of PRESCHOOL!!! I can't believe that this DAY is ALREADY here!! She was so excited to wear her knew school clothes, her new hair cut, and PRINCESS pencils....She was especially excited about her DORA backpack.....At preschool they have show and tell everyday and today she took her SUU COW so she could tell her new friends all about how she goes to the games with her mommy and daddy:) I just can't BELIEVE that my BABY is growing up so fast!!

Labor Day Parade

Here are some funny pictures of Ashlyn while we were waiting patiently for the Parowan Labor Day Parade to start....I'm not biased or anything but - she is so dang CUTE!!!!

SUU Football

Ashlyn and I went to the SUU vs Dixie football game last week - It was so much fun! Ashlyn loves to watch the "dancing girls" (cheerleaders) and Thor...GO T-BIRDS!!

Fun in the Sun

Gary and I took Ashlyn down to Sand Hollow the other day – She loves to play in the water! She had so much fun filling her bucket full of sand and water and then dumping it on her legs and splashing water on her mom!

When we got home she still hadn’t had enough fun in the water so we had to put out her sprinkler that shoots balls in the air so that she could have some more fun! We let the dogs get in on this one – it was so fun to watch Sunny wait for the ball to shoot up out of the water and then chase it with Ash running behind her yelling at her to leave her ball alone with Danny and Rocky chasing after her! And then Gary would try and kick the ball out of the air while it was coming up with the water – I was so FUNNY to watch! WE HAD A BLAST!!!

4th & 24th of July Camping Trips

On the 4th & 24th of July we went camping on Kolob - It was so much fun! I just love going up there and being able to relax - And surprisingly enough Ashlyn was really well behaved! She had so much fun playing in the dirt - going to Kolob Res - and playing with Gary's dog Sunny.
Ash & Sunny
Ashlyn loved running in and out of the trailer the whole entire time we were on the mountain!

There was this great big huge tree that Gary had to cut down - In the process he cut out a chair :) I think he is going to make one for all of us! It is a wonder what people will do to keep themselves occupied!

Mommy & Daughter

Daddy & Daughter

Ashlyn & Buddy

Ashlyn loves horses - Especially her friend Buddy! Buddy belongs to a friend of Ashlyn's grandpa Dwaine - She had so much fun!!!

Practicing her Queen wave

Hold On!!

Cheese :)

New Job

So a lot has happened since I have been able to update this thing!
I have accepted a new position in the Financial Aid office at Southern Utah University ( I have been working at SUU in the Admissions office for the past year) and am very excited to have a new job! Ashlyn is now 3! I can't believe how quickly time flies! Hopefully now life will slow down a little bit so I will be able to keep up---HA HA


Ashlyn and Brooklin drivin the lawn mower....LOOK OUT!


My dad is so dang cute!

Gary cooking dutch oven....YUM!!

My aunt Linda and uncle Merrill - cookin up a storm!

Jason and Ashlyn being the MANIACS they are!

Hurrying to the next surprise on the easter egg hunt!

SUU Basketball Game

We love to go to all of the SUU Basketball games as a family with Cheryl and Russell.

Ashy loves swimming - and she always has to swim with her floaties.

Isn't she the Cutest Girl ever?

Workin Calves

Ashlyn is always a big help to her Grandpa Russel and Uncle Glen when it comes to workin calves!

New Blogger!!!

Mk.....so I'm gonna try this thing out - If you have any hints please let me know!!!