Ashlyn & Buddy

Ashlyn loves horses - Especially her friend Buddy! Buddy belongs to a friend of Ashlyn's grandpa Dwaine - She had so much fun!!!

Practicing her Queen wave

Hold On!!

Cheese :)

New Job

So a lot has happened since I have been able to update this thing!
I have accepted a new position in the Financial Aid office at Southern Utah University ( I have been working at SUU in the Admissions office for the past year) and am very excited to have a new job! Ashlyn is now 3! I can't believe how quickly time flies! Hopefully now life will slow down a little bit so I will be able to keep up---HA HA


Ashlyn and Brooklin drivin the lawn mower....LOOK OUT!


My dad is so dang cute!

Gary cooking dutch oven....YUM!!

My aunt Linda and uncle Merrill - cookin up a storm!

Jason and Ashlyn being the MANIACS they are!

Hurrying to the next surprise on the easter egg hunt!