Fun in the Sun

Gary and I took Ashlyn down to Sand Hollow the other day – She loves to play in the water! She had so much fun filling her bucket full of sand and water and then dumping it on her legs and splashing water on her mom!

When we got home she still hadn’t had enough fun in the water so we had to put out her sprinkler that shoots balls in the air so that she could have some more fun! We let the dogs get in on this one – it was so fun to watch Sunny wait for the ball to shoot up out of the water and then chase it with Ash running behind her yelling at her to leave her ball alone with Danny and Rocky chasing after her! And then Gary would try and kick the ball out of the air while it was coming up with the water – I was so FUNNY to watch! WE HAD A BLAST!!!

4th & 24th of July Camping Trips

On the 4th & 24th of July we went camping on Kolob - It was so much fun! I just love going up there and being able to relax - And surprisingly enough Ashlyn was really well behaved! She had so much fun playing in the dirt - going to Kolob Res - and playing with Gary's dog Sunny.
Ash & Sunny
Ashlyn loved running in and out of the trailer the whole entire time we were on the mountain!

There was this great big huge tree that Gary had to cut down - In the process he cut out a chair :) I think he is going to make one for all of us! It is a wonder what people will do to keep themselves occupied!

Mommy & Daughter

Daddy & Daughter