Ashlyn is 5!!

Sunday was Ashlyn's 5th birthday! I can't believe she is 5 already!

As you can see.....the kid got spoiled!

And Sarah got bored .....

And so did Jason....

And I made this cake...

and Ashlyn loved it!

Youth Conference

This year for Youth Conference we went to Escalante and visited Dance Hall Rock and Hole in the Rock. It was AWESOME! There is so many beautiful and historical things to see! Before we went on the trek we were able to visit with Brother Roundy, a history buff from the area - he told us how a mission was called from the Iron and Washington county areas for people to settle the San Juan area. After sending a search party for the best route's to get to the San Juan area, it was decided to travel through Escalante and build a road to the Colorado River. They had found a crevice in the sheer rock walls that they thought a wagon could fit through. Once the settlers reached the "hole in the rock" they began to blast the walls of the crevice to make it wider, hauled sand and tree limbs to make a trail down the crevice, and carved roads out of rock to made a way for the wagon to go. The faith of these pioneers amazes me. We even found out that a few of the people in our party were descendents of these early settlers. I feel so blessed for Gary and I being able to be involved with the youth in our ward - they are all so special to us.

Dance Hall Rock - this is where the settlers would "raise their spirits" and have dances.

Looking down from the top of Dance Hall Rock

Along the sandstone were circular openings - it was really bizarre because there really wasn't a way in or out of them and they were so deep!

The scenery between Dance Hall Rock and Hole in the Rock

Looking down from the top of Hole in the Rock

Starting down.

Lake Powell

Can you tell I was trying really hard not to cry? I was so hard getting to this point from the lake - it was all sand and so hard to climb back up!

The stairs that were carved into the side of the crevice

can you imagine bringing a wagon down this?

the rocks that you see piled up on the left are what remains of "Uncle Ben's dugway"-part of the road that they built to give a place for their wagons to go! AMAZING!

Phone Pictures

I caught these moments on my phone and thought I had better upload them. My kids are becoming best friends - I feel so blessed to be their mother and watch them grow up - I just wish they would slow down a little bit!


Ashlyn started playing T-Ball this month. She LOVES it! We love going as a family to support her - and for the laughs!

Ashlyn & Dance

Ashlyn started taking dance this year - she was so stinkin cute! I have no idea where she got her moves from but, wow! she can shake those hips! I have a couple of videos, but I can't seem to figure out how to get them off my phone - so I will have to add them later!

WahWeep 2011

In April we went to the WahWeep with the Orton family to gather cows. This year we took our trailer down and "roughed it". We always have so much fun being surrounded by Gary's family. I love them all so much and am so blessed to be married into such a great family.

Ashlyn and Grandpa Gary

Me and Maegan

Marshall and Uncle Dave

Ashlyn and Marshall - They were filthy even though we bathed them every night!

Sierra, Marshall, and Ashlyn

Zac and I

Me pretending to know what the heck I was doing.

Marshall and I enjoying the sunset.

Marshall and Justin

Gary and Marshall

Marshall and Grandpa Gary - they were best buds all weekend

Waiting for the mutton to finish cooking. YUM!

Ashlyn and Katie

Grandpa Gary with Ashlyn and Marshall

Thanks to Katie for remembering her camera and being so good to take pictures! I can't wait to go next year!