WahWeep 2011

In April we went to the WahWeep with the Orton family to gather cows. This year we took our trailer down and "roughed it". We always have so much fun being surrounded by Gary's family. I love them all so much and am so blessed to be married into such a great family.

Ashlyn and Grandpa Gary

Me and Maegan

Marshall and Uncle Dave

Ashlyn and Marshall - They were filthy even though we bathed them every night!

Sierra, Marshall, and Ashlyn

Zac and I

Me pretending to know what the heck I was doing.

Marshall and I enjoying the sunset.

Marshall and Justin

Gary and Marshall

Marshall and Grandpa Gary - they were best buds all weekend

Waiting for the mutton to finish cooking. YUM!

Ashlyn and Katie

Grandpa Gary with Ashlyn and Marshall

Thanks to Katie for remembering her camera and being so good to take pictures! I can't wait to go next year!

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