Easter 2010

Easter is my FAVORITE holiday...This year - pretty much like every year - we spent Friday and Saturday with my side of the family! When we got there we found everybody down at the farm trying to figure out how to solve this little problem....

Yes, that is a roof that blew off of one of the sheds! It landed on the round pen and squeeze chute - It took chain saws, a couple chains, and two loaders to get off!! I can't believe that they got it off without completely destroying the chute.... After that, they loaded up all of the debry into a couple of dump trucks to take to the dump. It was quite the sight! While everybody else went to the dump my mom, Ashlyn, and I made cookies - actually I just supervised - mostly because I was laughing so hard from watch my mom STRESS over Ashlyn getting her fingers stuck in the mixer:) Ashlyn is a very helpful little girl that thinks she has to be in the middle of everything!

When everybody got back from the dump we ate dinner and COLORED EASTER EGGS! It was so much fun - I think my mom went a little CRAZY with how many eggs she bought for everybody to color! I can't wait until next year when we have even more to color with the new baby boys!

Gary and Ashley still think that the Christensen family is a little weird because we don't eat the Easter eggs that we spend so much time coloring :) I guess that we are a little different but I think that is what makes us SPECIAL!

The next morning the EASTER BUNNY came to visit! Sarah, Jason, and Ashlyn were so excited to see what had been left behind!

They were all very spoiled this year - Ashlyn even got a BUNNY! We named him "Buster Brown". To my great amazement the poor little guy has survived!

To follow tradition we loaded up and went to SALINA to spend the day with my grandparents and the rest of the Burr/Hugentobler clan. We had delicious dutch oven potatoes and chicken for lunch. YUM!!!

Ashlyn was so excited too see that her cousins, Halee and Audrey were there! Those 3 little girls were so much fun to watch - I think my Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Kent were so delighted to listen their little girl voices squeaking about all sorts of important things! They were pretty much inseperable the entire day!

They loved to ride in the Gator any chance they got - My Uncle Craig was their driver most of the time - I think he was very honored to get to drive his grand-daughters and grand-neice to whereever they wanted to go!

Here is Gary, Sarah, and I anxiously awaiting to go THROW

our Easter Eggs down the hill!

This has got to be the highlight of the day! The seagulls even showed up this year to clean up after us! The best part is probably when Tyler and Andrew go to the bottom of the hill and become everybody's target - Of course they alway move out of the way, but it is still fun to try!

My Grandpa and Uncle Kent watch everybody from the Gator and then loaded Ashlyn and Audrey up for a nice ride back to the house - Uncle Kent was tickled pink!

We had such a great time! I can't wait for everybody to get together again!