Sunday Best

Getting ready for Church is always fun at our house! (can you sense the sarcasm?) Thank goodness we switched to the 11:00 time because we were NEVER on time for 9:00. Anyways, Gary was out plowing snow last Sunday so I took some cute pictures of the kids in their "Sunday Best" to show as proof that we really went to Church. I hate going to church alone but, the kids were actually not too bad this time. I just hope that I don't have to go alone again for a very long time - or at least until the next snow storm!
My kids are such HAMS!! I love the last picture of Marshall - He was laughing so hard!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Your little boy has gotten so big since i took your photos!!! Your children are both so cute! Way to go at getting them ready for church :D

  2. So cute!!! I love those kids and I've never even met them!